Grove of trees at new house.
Grove of trees at new house.

We recently left the farm and moved to a house inside the city limits on an acre lot.  There was a small grove of overgrown, brushy trees in the backyard that needed attention.  The bottom limbs on all of them were dead because of the weight of all the vines that were/are tangled up in them.  Until a year ago, the land had been a hay pasture and the trees were  just growing wild.

Most of the undergrowth has been removed and we are working on getting the vines pulled down.  Some of the trees were in such bad shape that they had to be cut down.  Plus they were/are too close together.

This is what they look like now, with all the bottom limbs removed.
They are on a rather steep, rocky hillside.  With the help on an online site entitled “50 Common Missouri Trees”, we were able to identify all 15 remaining trees.  There are 4 hackberry trees, 3 cedar trees, 2 walnut, 2 trees that have sprouted from the seeds from the shoots from Bradford pears so they aren’t true Bradford pears, 1 persimmon, 1 shingle oak, 1 chickapin oak, and one white oak.

It will be interesting to come back a year from now and see how much they have changed/grown.





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